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#9 Heartfelt Journey to Self-Love | Self- Pleasure

What is Self-Pleasure?

Choosing to consistently create, receive, and experience joy, ensuring that your soul is fully fed and nourished.

Play, pleasure, fun – is this something you find the time to do as often as you can? You don’t have to be superwoman, always taking care and doing for everyone else. You came to this planet to live your best life and to enjoy yourself. Notice that word en-joy. You came here to live in joy! Sure you have others you take care of, work committments, a huge to-do list, but one of the core reasons your soul came to this planet was to have a good time and to soak in this wonder-filled world. Did you get the memo? It reads –

Make sure you remember to fill up on joy daily, or your soul will shrivel up and starve. Pleasure shall be one of your top priorities while you live on planet Earth.

Image - Hanna Postova

Self-Pleasure has has a bad rap in hystory. And mostly people think of the sexual acts with they think self-pleasure.

There are way more magical experiences to be had. Self-Pleasure includes any act or experience you engage in that creats joy for you. It could be as simple as smelling a flower, as fabulous as taking yourself to your favourite restaurant and savouring every bite of your meal, and as silly as skipping down the street with your friend just because it makes you smile.

It’s happy medicine, a prescription for pleasure – and there isn’t anything wrong with that, right? Lets forget about the shame we have been made to feel for doing something pleaurable for ourselves. …Let’s write a new chapter, shall we, and correct this translation once and for all?

Say these words out loud:

“I take a stand for making my happiness and my quality of life a top priority.”

“I choose to create pleasure every day for myself. I make sure I experience joy every day regardless of what there is to do or to take care of”.

Your soul is counting on you, to love it so much that you will do whatever it takes to make sure your “pleasure centre” stays full. No excuses, no guilt, and no exceptions. Just as you feed yourself food to keep your body full of energy, you must find pleasure even on your busiest days. When your pleasure centre is full, it has food to feed your self-love tree. When it is depleted or bankrupt, you suffer, and you feel less loved and cared for. When your pleasure centre is running low, stop, take a pleasure power pause, and get yourself some joy, beauty, or play, pronto!

Me Moment

What’s Blocking You from Giving Yourself Joy?

What beliefs or habits do you have that keep you from giving yourself joy and experiencing pleasure?

What beliefs and opinions about play, fun, work, and duty did you learn from your family of origin, religious, or educational institutions, or community while growing up? Examples –

- You have to finish your work before you can play.

- You don’t have time for play; there is too much to do.

- Just buckle down and get the job done (there is no time for fun).

What beliefs and opinions about spending money or time on things that bring you joy or pleasure did you learn from your family of origin, religious or educational institutions, or community? Examples –

- You don’t have enough money to waste on that (insert thing).

- Don’t spend your money on frivolous things. Be practical.

- Don’t waste your time on (insert things).

Look at your inventory of beliefs and opinions and decide which of these aren’t actually yours or no longer serve you. Get your mind to recogise that pleasure is good, and please is a priority, by removing the mental blocks that keep you from letting pleasure in.

Take one or both of the following actions to remove these blocks and open up the way for more joy:

Belief release – Write the blocking beliefs and opinions down on a piece of paper and then rip the paper up, saying out loud, “I release these blocks that prevent me from receiving joy. I deserve to have joy and experience pleasure just because I am alive. My soul needs joy and pleasure to survive”.

Belief rewriting – For each block, create a joy flash card by writing a joy-creating or pleasure-inducing statement on an index card, one that reflects the opposite of the joy-clocking belief. Then every morning for forty days, as soon as you wake up, run through the flash cards. Each night before you go to sleep, do the same. In no time, you will rewire yourself to be a joy-creating powerhouse!

Daring Act of Love

For seven days, take a pulse check of your soul every morning when you wake up. Ask it “How joy-full am I feeling”? and rate your joy level on a scale of one to five, with five meaning you feel full. If your level is anything less than four, think about your personal joy list, and find one way you can create joy for yourself that day. Do it without fail. Check in with yourself that evening to see if your joy meter jumped. Keep creating joy for yourself until you’re filled.

Take your time and Love Yourself Abundantly

Much Love Cath xx

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