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Therapy for Depression

How will you be supported?

Depression is multifaceted, and affects your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The underlying issues of your depressive state can be complex, and specific to the circumstances of your life. It is my intention when working with you, is to help you to discover where your depression is coming from, and teaching you how to manage it.

Motivation is often the biggest hurdle to overcome when dealing with depression. Addressing the importance of motivation will provide a foundation that you can refer to when mood and outmoded thought patterns impact on your daily living.

Learning to recognise distorted thoughts, will assist you to employ strategies to challenge these negative thought patterns. This in turn will allow you to more positively assess your current situation.

I will teach you ways to rectify the balance between negative and positive thoughts through exploring personally held beliefs about yourself and your relationships.

It is my intention to assist you to gain your power back, to see that although life may be full of challenges, you have the ability to look at them as opportunities for living your life joyfully

I  will use a variety of creative tools and holistic teachings to fully support you on your Heartfelt Journey of Wellness for your Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions. My services are guaranteed to be confidential, non-judgement, gentle but powerful and extremely heart centred. 

Are you ready to -

  • Explore your triggers?

  • Learn ways of coping?

  • Live your life joyfully?

  • Be self- empowered to manage your life?

  • Look deeply within?

  • Step into your power?

  • Be adventurous?

  • Be courageous?

  • Be bold?

  • Express yourself fully?

  • Gain self-compassion?

  • Be accepted for being uniquely you?



Wellness Coach
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