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Pink Petals

Vibration Therapy & Sound Healing



If you are feeling a bit out of whack, and need some down time, this sound bath is designed to do bring you back to balance.

We will start with a delicious dose of ceremony grade cacao, bringing you to a place of deep connection within. This will allow you to really become one with the sounds and vibrations of my instruments.

Then immerse yourself with my voice (toning) medicine drum, ocean drum, rain stick, Native American flute, tongue drum, chimes, brass singing bowl and rattle.

I will guide you on a Heartfelt Journey to bring balance to your chakras, deep relaxation of your body and calmness in your mind.

We naturally have a strong connection to the beat of the medicine drum. My rhythms and toning will be different for each chakra, which will bring resonance within the chakras, allowing them to vibrate with the sound of the drum and my voice.


This is where the magic is.

Please note - these sessions are in the warmer months.

Heartfelt Journeys Sound Bath.jpg


I am an an acredited Vibration Therapy and Sound Healer and I invite you to come and experience a truly magical private Heartfelt Journey with me. 

Just as you care for your physical body, your nervous system also needs care. These sessions will allow your nervous system to re set, bringing you back to a state of balance. 

I will check your chakras with my pendulum to see where they may be out of balance;  and tailor your sound bath around these findings. 

You will experience deep relaxation, with your chakras coming into resonance with my drum, allowing them to open.

After the sound, we will discuss my findings, with recommendations on how you can support yourself further moving forward.

Let's create magic together.  Call and we can chat about your needs and time and place. any questions - ask away in my contact form

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