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Welcome to Heartfelt Journeys

My Own Heartfelt Journey

Heartfelt Journeys started as a vision to share my holistic tools and do more sacred work. 

I have always used the creative process when life offered me challenges or trauma and creativity has been my healing and my safe place; offering me comfort, clarity and a way to cope.

Exploring my passion for growth and emotional wellbeing led me to Holistic Creative Therapy, a perfect fit for the values I hold.

Designing a 'Life on Purpose', is possible for everyone! I will hold space, in a compassionate way, without judgment, so that you can feel safe to explore your inner world, let go of old belief patterns that no longer serve you, and create new and more aligned beliefs about who you are, your life and the world around you. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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How I will support you


Creative Therapy

I invite you into my Heartfelt Creative space to explore the Essence of who you are - Your True Authentic Self.

The creative process provides a deep connection to your heart space; allowing you to turn off your busy thinking mind, and connect to your deep inner wisdom.

Integrated Creative Therapy involves the exploration of many different mediums to express your feelings and emotions. Sometimes when you are feeling out of balance, you may not be able to find the right words to explain what is happening for you. This is where my creative person centred practice can be beneficial, by increasing your self-awareness, developing a greater sense of well-being, and an enhanced quality of life.

While your story is part of who you are; Integrated Creative Therapy encourages you to step out of your history and into your destiny.

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Holistic Counselling

Where are you now, and where do you want to be? If you are struggling to answer this question, I invite you to allow me to show you ways to navigate your life. 

Considering the whole of you, my Holistic Counselling allows you to integrate your mind, body, spirit & emotions – supporting you to make powerful, lasting changes in your life. My work draws on the fact that any dysfunction related to a limiting belief, painful emotion, or physical ailment can be brought back into harmony with the whole of you.

Going beyond a traditional approach to healing, an holistic approach can transform your perspectives on who you are, along with your perceptions of what might be possible. It can help you to perceive yourself in a more expansive way and create increasingly a more healthy, joy filled, exciting, and fulfilling life.

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NDIS Support

I have been working in the Disability Industry on and off for over 25 years.As an Independant Support Companion, I offer services designed to your individual needs. 

I love to bring the creative element into my support role where ever possible. when I work in this way I supply all materials necessary (within reason).

Creative Getaways and respite holidays are my specialty. I design and organise everything with your input. Again I love to bring the creative element into my getaway support.