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Therapy for Anxiety

How will you be supported?

When you feel ready to explore how anxiety is impacting your life, I am here for you. May you see your future as a safe place to move towards, living with clarity and vision. 

Anxiety has a number of causes, including hereditary factors, childhood trauma, biological issues and specific life stressors.

Anxiety manifests in a number of physical responses;  including fatigue, restlessness, insomnia, increased heart rate, breathlessness and sweaty palms. These feelings can be scary and crippling.


When working with you, we will look at how your anxiety manifests, what your triggers are, and how it is impacting your life. I will teach you techniques to recognise  your symptoms, and an understanding of how your automatic thought patterns make your symptoms worse.  

I will show you how to build emotional resilience and new coping skills.You will gain insight into your own personal coping skills, and learn new techniques where necessary. You will learn how to cope with new challenges in an assertive way.

Living with anxiety will affect your interpersonal relationships, and can manifest as irritability towards people. By having a better understanding of your anxiety driven behaviours, you will be able to engage in self management techniques, improving all areas of interaction in your life. 

I want you to remember who you are at your core, full of joy for life, and living your life in peace and excitement for what is to come.

I will use a variety of tools to fully support you on your Heartfelt Journey of Wellness for your Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions. My services are guaranteed to be confidential, non-judgement, gentle, but powerful and extremely heart centred. 

Are you ready to -

  • Explore your triggers?

  • Reduce your anxiety?

  • Learn ways to manage your anxiety?

  • Learn self-compassion?

  • Be self- empowered to manage your life?

  • Look deeply within?

  • Step into your power?

  • Be adventurous?

  • Be courageous?

  • Be bold?

  • Express yourself fully?

  • Be heard?

  • Be accepted for being uniquely you?


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