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Image by Paweł Czerwiński

Therapy for Self Esteem &

Self Confidence

How will you be supported?

Your self esteem and self confidence can sometimes take a battering. May you learn to love yourself unconditionally, and be proud of the Authentic being you are. How we feel about ourselves, ultimately affects how we see the world. If we constantly beat ourselves up with negative self-talk, we tend to beat the rest of the world up as well. I am passionate that women learnt to be content with who they are, what gifts they have to offer the world, and to believe in themselves whole heartedly. I want you to love yourself abundantly. After all your relationship with yourself is one you will be with for the rest of your life. It might as well be the best relationship you have ever experienced. 


Self image is fundamentally the beliefs we hold about ourselves. Often it is our outmoded belief patterns that we have grown up with that affect how we think and feel about ourselves. When working with you, I will show you ways to look at these thought patterns, where they may have come from and how to change them. The path to creating a more positive attitude requires two things. Firstly to understand old erroneous programs that sabotage your ability to think positively and second to choose the way you want to feel about yourself and reprogram your unconscious mind with new beliefs. 

I will use a variety of creative tools and holistic teachings to fully support you on your Heartfelt Journey of Wellness for your Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions. My services are guaranteed to be confidential, non-judgement, gentle but powerful and extremely heart centred. 

Are you ready to -

  • Love yourself unconditionally?

  • Look at your belief systems?

  • Commit to self-care?

  • Learn self-compassion?

  • Be self- empowered?

  • Look deeply within?

  • Be proud of who you are?

  • Be adventurous?

  • Be courageous?

  • Be bold?

  • Express yourself fully?

  • Trust your inner wisdom?

  • Be accepted for being uniquely you?


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