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Therapy for Stress & Overwhelm

How will you be supported?

Stress and overwhelm are very real, when life gets messy, busy and you feel out of control. I am here to walk beside you. I will show you ways to manage your stress levels, allowing you to feel less overwhelmed. May you find peace and a vision for your life that is full of moments of joy and vitality.


Life throws so many experiences at us that leave us living in the 'fight or flight' response far long periods of time. When we are subjected to the ongoing stress response it can manifest as addictive behaviours, eating disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, fatigue, pain, cancer, digestive problems, depression and headaches to just name a few.

My intention when working with you is to explore your stress response and show you more positive ways of coping with it. You will develop an understanding of how stress affects your physiology and psychology. You will learn how to recognise the symptoms of stress in your body, understand what your triggers are, develop techniques for releasing stress, and how to avoid or minimise the situations in your life that cause you stress.

I will use a variety of creative tools and holistic teachings to fully support you on your Heartfelt Journey of Wellness for your Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions. My services are guaranteed to be confidential, non-judgement, gentle but powerful and extremely heart centred. 

Are you ready to -

  • Reduce your stress & overwhelm?

  • Explore your lifestyle?

  • Set goals & reach them?

  • Be self- empowered to manage your life?

  • Look deeply within?

  • Step into your power?

  • Be adventurous?

  • Be courageous?

  • Be bold?

  • Express yourself fully?

  • Put yourself first?

  • Be accepted for being uniquely you?


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