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#10 Heartfelt Journey to Self-Love | Self- Expression

What is Self-Expression?

The choice to let the world see you, fully, truthfully, and without apology or holding back. Full, free expression of your heart and soul.

Image - Mathieu Stern

We all want to be seen for who we truly are. Every single person on this planet wants more than anything else to be seen and loved, but most of us do the exact opposite of what is required to be seen.

Instead of stepping forward boldly, saying to the world, “This is me, hear me roar, see me shine, watch me dance, feel my passion,” we shrink back, hold back, and hide behind masks. Why? Because it feels safer, we keep our magnificence and true beauty hidden or tamped down. But safe is not better in this situation, as self-expression isn’t about feeling comfortable with how others see you; it’s about your willingness to step forward and stand naked to the stage of life and let others see your heart and soul, regardless of what they perceive. For in you truest and fullest expression, you are safe because you are protected by the pure and powerful love that comes from expressing your spirit.

Your self-expression branch thrives on your ability to be vulnerable (that is, your ability to let others see the truth of who you are) and on your willingness to express yourself fully, freely, and for real – regardless of whether that fits with the program, and regardless of what any critic has to say. The degree to which you can be vulnerable, express yourself fully and freely, and be your most real self will determine how fulfilled and free you feel inside and how vibrant you are.

You see, you have a unique way about you that must be expressed. Your spirit, when fully expressed can make the room come alive like no other, must be free to express itself authentically in all areas of your life. Your heart has gifts that will make this world a better place, gifts that must be offered and received.

You can tell when you are expressing your essence by how you feel inside – you feel alive and unencumbered, even if what you are expressing isn’t happiness and sunshine. Because you are aligned with your truth, you feel free. Your essence is who you are in the core of your soul.

Me Moment

Me Moment

See Your Heart and Soul

Your heart and soul came into this life programmed with all the information that expresses who you truly are- kind of like heart-and-soul-essence DNA. This essence DNA doesn’t change as you get older, but it often gets corroded by all the influences that make you feel afraid to express yourself or let yourself be seen. The good news is that you can always find your way back to your essence, that place of pure love that you started this life with, when you had no doubt about who you were and no qualms about expressing her, regardless of what others had to say.

When you go back to that source of pure love today, you can reconnect to parts of yourself that you have forgotten or have put away for safekeeping. You will remember what you love, not because of who you are supposed to be or what you should be doing, but because this is who you are at the core of your soul. You will remember what makes you come alive, regardless of what others may thin, and begin to find your way back to being unafraid and unapologetic about letting thi aliveness course through your veins and express itself in whatever way fits you. Reconnected, you can stop living as a fraction of yourself and start expressing the whole, beautiful, fabulous you! With your heart and soul free, you will find your way to levels of happiness and love you probably knew where possible, but could never get access to, because that access point was inside you.

Take a best-friend moment and ask yourself the following essence-revealing questions. Close your eyes and see yourself on stage, sharing the truth of who you are with the audience. As if you were opening a window to your soul to allow us to see into who you really are, say these essence statement starters our loud to express yourself:

“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve just loved to…..”

“You can always count o me to…..”

“I am happiest when I am just…..”

Write the answers in your journal, and take several minutes just to soak them in. Say these things in a recorder, and then play them back for yourself you hear. Let this ME Moment be a time for you to soak in your heart and soul – the essence of the divine imprint of love that you have always been.

Self-Love Promise

Now that we have come to the end of all 10 Heartfelt Journeys of Self-Love, how do you feel? I invite you to choose one journey to work on over the coming year. Create a self-love promise piece of art. Keep it where you can see it, to help you stay true to who you are, and to grow your chosen branch of self-love more.


Take your time and Love Yourself Abundantly

Much Love Cath xx

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