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5 Heart Centered tips for deepening your Intuition & Self-Trust

We all know about having a 'gut feeling', but have you considered having a 'heart feeling' that allows you to be more in touch with your inner guidance, your intuition, your soul whispers and your deep wisdom?

Since I've been living more from my heart than from my head, making choices has become so much easier. I am living more in alignment with my own souls whispers, and not how society, my past influences or anyone for that matter thinks I should live my life. I make better choices, have learnt to say no when in the past I would say yes out of obligation or thinking it is the right thing to do.

What I want to share with you today are some very simple yet mighty ways to soften into your own heart space, hear what she wants to say and start making decisions from this place.

Tip #1 - Create a space just for you to practice

Having your own space where you can go and not be disturbed is a delightful way to begin your own Heartfelt intuition practice. Make this space as welcoming and as beautiful as you wish. Fill it with things that bring you joy, allows for you to be peaceful, and is comfortable to spend some time in. Think candles, incense, soft rugs, cushions, create an alter of things that have deep meaning just for you.

This is one very powerful way of listening to your heart and your intuition. You will gain many insights about what lights you up, what you brings you joy, what brings you peace, etc. These are all parts of you, and who you are. Congratulations for taking this first step.

Tip #2 - Slow it all down

Something you will really benefit from so that you can reach that inner part of you where your intuition comes from is to slow it all down.

Make a commitment to take the time to be on you own in your gorgeous space you have created. Step off the merry go round of always 'doing' and spend quality time with yourself just 'BEing'.

What this does is takes your thinking out of your head, and allows you to begin to feel with your body and with your heart. Your body that if filled with so much ancient wisdom. Your body that has all the answers that you seek. Your body which houses your heart, where all of your deep intuition comes from.

Commit to once a week to start with, then twice, and soon you will be having conversations with your intuition on a daily if not many times a day basis.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift" - Albert Einstein

Tip #3 - Making the first connections with your heart & your intuition

Now that you have your space ready, and committed to you, it's time to have a go at your first connection with your gorgeous heart space and your innate wisdom.

Make yourself comfortable, play some gentle music if you wish. Take a few deep breaths, and close your eyes. Place one hand on your heart and the other hand on your belly.

The most simple way to start to trust in yourself and your soul whispers is to ask the simple question - "What do I need to hear today"?

It can take around 9 seconds for you to get an answer. You may have it as a thought, or you may get a picture in your mind. What ever comes, allow it to just be. No judgement, no questioning "Am I doing this right". Just sit with what ever comes. Listen to the first thing that pops in your mind. This is your truth - trust it, feel deeply into it and allow it to be.

This my love is your first step to hearing your soul whisper, and starting to trust in yourself that you have all the answers you need inside of you.

Tip #4 - Keep a journal - and watch the magic happen

Buy yourself a gorgeous journal and write down the answers you receive as you do the practice above. Come back to it often, noting whether you made action on what your intuition told you. Have you made changes? How have they worked out for you? Keeping a record of your progress will really start to show you that way forward. Is there a theme, does the same thing keep coming up? If so what is it and why? Write it all down and reflect back.

When you start to live from a heart centered place, with a deep knowing that you can trust your spirit and your heart to lead you in the right direction - magic really does happen.

Tip #5 -Broaden your questions

Once you feel comfortable asking and receiving messages from your heart and your intuition, start to ask specific questions. Try not to ask for simple yes/no answers. Ask for solutions to a problem you may be struggling with, ask about your next best way forward with something.

Once again, don't question or judge here. Allow these sparks of inspiration come to you. The more you can trust them, the better you will become at this.

The more you talk to your inner wisdom, the stronger your intuition will be

Congratulations on choosing you and trusting your heart. Now that you have established the bond of trust between you and your-self, get ready for the best work out of your life. It's going to take effort on your part there's no denying that. As you start to trust yourself more with the small things, you will start to trust yourself more with the big things too.

Building your intuition and self-trust happens in stages and over time, so make sure that you strengthen your self-trust daily.

But today marks a shift. Today you begin a lifetime commitment to strengthening your self-trust and, therefore, your ability to trust yourself and your Inner Wisdom no matter what

Play, have fun and may your soul share with you all the possibilities that are available to you.

Much love Cath xx

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