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Dance Your Qi

Qi means Energy

This practice is gentle yet mighty, relaxing yet energizing and a gorgeous way to let go of anything that no longer serves you.

You will get a whole body workout that won't feel like a workout at all.

When you Dance Your Qi on a regular basis you will notice your mood softening, your body strengthening and your spirit soaring.

What is Dance Your Qi?

Dance Your Qi is designed to clear your energy (meridian) channels, which in turn will allow your organs and your body to function at its optimum level. It is a gentle yet powerful practice that almost anyone can do. The more you Dance Your Qi, the more in tune with your body you will become.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, you will learn to dance with the elements, do your own Shiatzu self massage, fill your body with breath, shake off stress, and discover the power of Makko Ho stretches.  We finish the session with a gorgeous heart centred meditation.

In my classes you will gain strength, more flexibility, and more energy. You will achieve an understanding of how to listen to your body, your intuition and your inner wisdom. This class is a good starting point to understanding who you are, in your natural state. It is a beautiful place to start your own Heartfelt Journey. 

Chinese Medicine


Yoga Class

Class Details

WHEN - Every Saturday 


WHERE - Northcliffe Family & Community Centre 

EXCHANGE - Casual - $15

-Bulk $140 for ten sessions to be used within 6 months




Yoga mat, water and an open heart.

Please send a message if you will be attending -




Pink Blossom


Wow what a great class! Dance Your Qi was a great way to take a moment for myself and allow my body to release all the built up tension that I have been carrying around for a long time. The "Dance" is a gentle routine of stretch like movements choreographed beautifully that leave you feeling renewed.
Thank you Cathy ❤

Pink Blossom


I have been doing the Dance your Qi classes with Cathy on a Saturday morning for about nine months now. Before my first lesson I was a bit sceptical as the thought of “dancing“ around made me quite nervous and you conjure up images of chanting and gongs going off in the background. Although the name says it is dance it is more of a stretch, self massage, breathing and relaxation class with a lovely movement element, suggesting the Dance. It’s very gentle on all parts of the body. The music is beautifully done and consists of a lot of piano and very gentle relaxing vibes. Love this class. It’s well worth giving it a try. Maurs

Pink Blossom


Sensitively delivered program. A good history of the programs history was given

Aimed at all levels of physical abilities

Clear and Concise instructions, giving options for those unable to do the recommended movement

Pleasantly paced program, just the right amount of time spent on each component.

wonderful meditation, went so quickly

I would do any programme Cathy chose to do

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