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Sister's of Spirit - Earth Women's Circle


Welcome to Sisters of Spirit - Earth Women's Circle.

If you crave connection with like minded women who loves to honour our Mother Earth, have rich conversation and feel deep self-love then this space is for you.

We will come together on the first Sunday of every month during Spring and Summer on my property in Northcliffe.

A monthly gathering, to bring women together in honour of Mother Earth. This will be a place to come to journey with our spirits, support each other, share our stories, celebrate our wins and explore our challenges with compassion and self-love. 


Activities including meditation, movement, dance, singing, creating with nature, creative arts, connecting deeply and what ever else makes our spirits sing.



I look forward to gathering in circle,  and sharing sacred space with you all.

All materials provided


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WHEN - 1st SUNDAY of the month

2.30pm - 4.30 pm


Please phone  for address

0447 162 076

Exchange - $25.00

          Please bring your yoga mat, water,

your journal and a cushion

Dress comfortably

Wellness for Mind, Body, Spirit & Emotions