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Retreats, Workshops & Gatherings

Sometimes we need to find some time out just for ourselves. A time where we are free to be who we are without all of the labels placed on us in our busy lives.

I will be offering Day Retreats, workshops and gatherings where you can come to reset, find peace, learn something new and simply JUST BE.

You will find all of these events on my Business page on FB

Numbers are limited so booking is absolutely necessary.


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Heartfelt Journeys of Creativity

These workshops are back by popular demand and will on the last friday of each month.

Coming to together to create and inspire each other is a fantastic way to unwind, chill and learn something new.

My workshops will showcase and share all of my creative learnings along the way. I love to share my love of having a creative spirit - creativity truly is the doorway to the soul.

Our May session will be Musical Painting

Creating 3 x A3 sized paintings each. Just as we play musical chairs, we can do something similar to paint.

You don't need any art skills to do this. It's about letting yourself be in the moment and simply let the colours flow onto your pages.

I love this activity, which is a great way to unwind, and so much fun. Each of your artworks will be unique to your own style.

All materials will be provided as well as refreshments for a light lunch.

Each session is just $44 inc GST  -

Booking is essential via my booking link below

Numbers are limited to 8 creating an intimate setting.

Heartfet Journeys of Creation - Musical Painting.png
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