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Letting go of old beliefs with Self Compassion

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Have you found yourself on your healing journey only to cringe back into old beliefs, feeling safe there?

It's very normal to do this. Some of our belief patterns have been with us for decades and can have such a hold on us, we think they are normal. As we come to realise they are not normal or even in alignment with who we are, and what needs to change for us to heal, our brain wants to protect us. It wants us to go back to what we have spent a life time doing. Protecting ourselves from the pain of our wounds.

Imagine though if you feel into this protection with compassion and self-love?

Compassion and self-love for yourself and all you have been through?

Compassion for still moving forward although it scares the hell out of you to let these old beliefs go?

Some of theses beliefs you carry are so ingrained, you wonder how the hell you can ever let them go.

You can let them go, and the first step is to witness them.

Allow them to be and just witness, without judgement. Don't get stuck here. Where are the old beliefs showing up in your life. Where do you keep making the same mistakes or the same shit keeps getting thrown at you?

How you respond to all of this is coming from your old belief patterns. They want you to stay with what you know. They don't want you to step away from them and form new ways of being. Even though it's easier that way isn't it?

But this my love is what you must to.

You must witness, let go and start to form a new belief around what ever it is. You won't let the old go over night, and please don't expect to.

Just as the beliefs took a long time to form, so will the changing of them take a long time to call in.

Consistency is key. When an old belief takes hold, witness it, reform it and eventually your brain will reset into the pattern of the new belief.

A simple creative exercise to help your letting go of old beliefs.

What you will need -

  • Drawing paper

  • Coloured pens, pencils, crayons of what ever medium you would like to use.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and think of something in your life that you feel is an outmoded belief pattern that you would like to change.

On one side of your page (or choose a page for each part) draw what it is you want to change. Be gentle with yourself here - you are not creating a masterpiece. It's the process that is important. Draw as much detail as you can.

Now on the other side or other piece of paper - draw what you want this to look like in 6 months time. Again as much detail as you can.

While you are drawing think about where this old belief might have come from, how it makes you feel, what feelings are you having in your body?

When you have decided what you want this belief to look like, break it down into manageable steps, create a plan and set an intention to work towards the change. If you get stuck along the way, take your drawings out for some motivation for change.

Congratulations you have taken the first step in changing your beliefs into something that is more is alignment with who you are and how you want your life to look like.

Baby steps, compassion, self-love and consistency. Own it, trust in your growth and celebrate your breakthroughs.

Much love Cath xx

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