Letting go of old beliefs with Self Compassion

Have you found yourself on your healing journey only to cringe back into old beliefs, feeling safe there?

It's very normal to do this. Some of our belief patterns have been with us for decades and can have such a hold on us, we think they are normal. As we come to realise they are not normal or even in alignment with who we are, and what needs to change for us to heal, our brain wants to protect us. It wants us to go back to what we have spent a life time doing. Protecting ourselves from the pain of our wounds.

Imagine though if you feel into this protection with compassion and self-love?

Compassion and self-love for yourself and all you have been through?

Compassion for still moving forward although it scares the hell out of you to let these old beliefs go?

Some of theses beliefs you carry are so ingrained, you wonder how the hell you can ever let them go.