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#1 Heartfelt Journey to Self-Love | Self-Awareness & Self Honesty

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Over the next few months I will be bringing you 11 Heartfelt Journeys to Self-Love. Let's jump in to #1 Self-Awareness & Self-Honesty.

Before I learnt these, I was very surprised to discover there are 11 Heartfelt Journeys towards loving ourselves. I thought all there was to it was taking care of myself - oh I couldn't have been more further from the truth.

Bringing all 11 into my life has been a beautiful journey of Self-Discovery - some of them I really struggled with, and some I discovered I managed quite well. It was though a journey I am so glad I went on. Are you ready for your own Heartfelt Journey to Self-Love?

When I finally started to love all of me, I felt more in control of where I wanted to live my life and how I that was going to look. I let go of many, many old beliefs that were sabotaging me, keeping me feeling stuck and holding me back.

I am sharing these Heartfelt Journeys with you in the hope that you too can love yourself no matter what, freeing yourself of any outmoded belief patterns around Self-Love that might be leaving you with a feeling of being stuck and unsure who you are and who you want to be.

  1. Self-Awareness and Self-Honesty

A deep understanding of who you are and who you are not, with an unwavering commitment to truth about how your actions, thoughts and choices affect your reality and the people and the world around you.

Do you have a deep understanding of who you are and who you are not? Are you aware of how your actions, thoughts and choices affect every aspect of your life?

The one person in your life that needs you to completely honest, is you. It’s crazy that we choose self-deceit, shame, and self-sabotage over self-love all the time. If you can’t be open and honest with yourself, you can’t expect others to be honest and open with you.

When was the last time you sat down and had an honest heart to heart with yourself? Yesterday, last week, last month, last year or never? There is no better time than now to step into the abyss, get comfortable and start having these conversations.

Feel into your body, checking in with how your body feels reading these words? Are you tightening any muscles, are you recoiling in fear, or does your belly have fire in it, with the excitement of getting to know you better? What ever the thoughts and feelings going on, feel them, question them, make notes, and try to work out where they are coming from and why they are happening.

When you know who you really are, it is so much easier to be who you really are. No apologies to anyone.

Let’s jump in now and do an activity to help build your Self-Awareness and Self-Honesty.

'I AM' & 'I AM NOT' Art


2 Pieces of paper

Whatever drawing materials you wish really. When you are working on this piece, use colours that you are attracted to. Be as creative as you wish. You could use words cut out of magazines, use pictures you find, what ever feels right for you. You can just use a pen and paper. I recommend you get colourful and creative, as this helps deepen the process further.

It is not about creating a masterpiece; it is a reflection of your deepening love of you! It doesn’t have to take up hours of your time. Try to commit to 30 minutes, especially for you. (A very important Self-Love gift to yourself)

How to-

Step 1 Make your 'I AM' art piece

On the paper write the words “I AM….” In the center, in a way that feels exactly right for you. Make it big and bold, flowing and cursive, mutli-coloured, one colour…this is your art. Just go with it, what ever feels right.

Then fill the page with phrases, words, pictures, symbols that express a piece of you who are. As you write, really fill your page with love for you. Let the words reflect who you are.

Step 1 Make your 'I AM NOT' art piece

On your next piece of paper do the same, but this time write “I AM NOT….”, and fill the page with all the words, phrases, symbols, pictures that do NOT express the truth of who you are. Once again using colours, designs, shapes, whatever feels right for you.

Step 3 Proclaim your words/phrases etc.

After you finish read both out loud, starting with “I AM NOT”. To get more effect, do this in front of a mirror, out in nature where you can scream the words, somewhere you will feel safe and being witnessed. At the end of each page, put your hand on your heart and say “I am myself”. Then write the words at the bottom of each piece of art. Put these pieces where you feel safe to keep them, look at them when you need to feel your Self-Awareness and Self-Honesty of who you are.

How did that feel for you? This is a good start to building your Self-Love. I look forward to sharing the next branch with you next time. In the meantime, I invite you to journal what thoughts come up for you, process things and most of all be kind to yourself.

Much Love Cath xx

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