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Heartfelt Laughter Yoga

1. It boosts the immune system


The movement of the diaphragm creates a vacuum to draw the lymph into the blood stream to detox the body. It increases the number of lymphocytes and killer T cells that attack disease.


2. It regulates blood flow


If your blood pressure is too high it reduces it, and if it’s too low then it increases it. Laughter gives you whatever you need to provide a balance.


3. It increases oxygen to the brain and body cells


Laughter is an extreme exhalation process. The best way to get more oxygen in, is to exhale out first. The brain requires 25% more oxygen to function better, and oxygen into the cells of the body provides energy. Much disease is caused by lack of oxygen.

There are thousands of benefits derived from Laughter Yoga, but these are the ones that are the most common and relevant to the general population, that we can mention without being medical practitioners or scientists.

Image by Jenna Anderson

4. It decreases depression and anxiety


Depression lives in the past and anxiety in the future.

Laughter puts you in the present moment. It firstly stops the negative thought process, and then provides a shift towards a balanced state of mind.


5.It provides pain relief


When we laugh endorphins provide pain relief when they are released into the spinal cord to impact the nervous system. They are our body’s natural pain killers. Laughter also increases our tolerance to pain. It’s once again all about a balance.


6. It manages stress


Stress is a constant. When we laugh, serotonin is created which reduces the cortisol levels and takes care of points 1 to 5 as described above.

Laughter Yoga is a process that enables you to laugh even if you don't feel like it. It's an aerobic exercise program that anyone can do anytime and anywhere that results in health and happiness.

  • It was created by a Medical Doctor in India in 1995

  • It combines laughter exercises with yoga breathing

  • It doesn't rely on comedy or jokes

  • The body can't differentiate between real and fake laughter

  • With eye contact and childlike playfulness, the laughter becomes real. 


1st Saturday of the month


Northcliffe Family & Community Centre

Exchange $15

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