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Your Facilitators

Cathy Rabbitt

Heartfelt Journeys

Indulge Your Spirit Host

Cathy is an Holistic Counsellor & Creative Arts Therapist, and is passionate in showing women how to become more in tune with their deepest desires and living a life they truly deserve.


She believes that designing a 'Life on Purpose', is possible for everyone. It is Cathy's intention to hold space for you, in a compassionate, non-judgmental way, so that you can feel safe to explore your inner world, let go of old belief patterns that no longer serve you. Cathy has designed this retreat so that you may experience pure joy, connect deeper to your Inner Wisdom and leave feeling totally ready to take on the world. 

Cacao Ceremony

Dance Your Qi

Elemental Movement Meditation

We will use the medicine of Cacao to set our intentions for the day, open our heart space, and begin the Heartfelt Journey within. 

Dance Your Qi builds energy, vitality, flexibility & joy. In Cathy's classes, she uses Dance Your Qi to take her participants to a place of deep healing. Cacao will allow you to go deeper into this practice.

Elemental Movement Meditation gives you the opportunity to fully embody your Divine Self, and come to a place of total bliss with a sense of who you are in your True Essence.

Deniz Orak 


Deniz is an holistic therapist, mainly using bodywork like massage and yoga to achieve higher levels of well being, peace and alignment.

Deniz also teaches and practices Shamballa Reiki and the Feminine Arts, which means being in her body, feeling into her body and allowing her heart's and body's intelligence to guide her.

Energy is the foundation of our external world, so working with and aligning the
internal energy 􀉥on a daily basis harmonizes our experiences in the outer world.

Deniz feels very honored to follow her calling of being a bridge between the worlds.

Feminine Alchemy

A powerful transformation process to becoming a radiant, con􀉤tent and joyful modern woman who embodies ancient wisdom.


By reconnecting with our inherent power, especially through the womb space, we acknowledge and honor our role as holders of the sacred feminine energy, which is gentle, yet powerful, kind, yet fi􀉤erce.


Allow yourself to expand and blossom, effortlessly in alignment with your true nature.

Bron Whiteford 

A Place of Healing

Bron has been a Herbalist for 23 years in which time she has incorporated many healing modalities into her treatment regime.

For the last 15 years or so she has only worked with women specialising in hormonal health.

Using energy work, sound and intuition, she works with women to heal their issues from the emotional, physical and energetic level.

WA Flower Essences

In her practice as a Herbalist, Bron specialises in Female Health. She incorporates Chakra Healing with the use of appropriate herbs and 􀉥flower essences to heal mind, body and spirit.

Having experienced endometriosis, infertility issues, pregnancy, childbirth and now menopause Bron can relate to what a lot of her clients are/have experienced.

Herbs, Essences, Chakras and Hormones
Linking the importance of chakra alignment with hormonal health.
Discussing the issues/dis-eases resulting from endocrine imbalance.

Karly Malone

Balingup Sound Journey Meditations

Karly has worked in service for over 20 years in areas including support, facilitating groups and counselling.

Her quali􀉤cations include :
Certi􀉤cate in Group Sound Meditation
Diploma in Counselling
Diploma in Community Services
Bachelor of Arts


Her style in delivering sound meditation is gentle, and she
is honoured to be trusted to facilitate deep relaxation in group settings.

Sound Meditation

One hour of Sound Meditation, featuring Gong, Wave Drum, Crystal and Tibetan
Bowls and Solfeggio Chimes. Achieve Theta state eff􀉡ortlessly, entraining your brain to give your body an hour of peaceful relaxation.

Nothing to do here but lay back and let the sound take over. It doesn't matter what your mind is doing, if it gets in the way your body will take over and make sure you reach a place of deep relaxation and calm.

Patricia Chapman

Patricia has recently completed her Certifi􀉤cate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development.


Patricia is passionate about meditation and the benefits􀉤ts it provides us, both mentally and physically.


Patricia desires to share this with others and show that there are many tools to help cope with the pressures of the busy lives we lead today.

Patricia photo.jpg

Meditation (as part of Dance Your Qi)

Patricia will be holding an 'Awaken Your Goddess' meditation, to help you fi􀉤nd your own Inner Goddess and to get back in touch with your feminine side.


In today's busy times, we often neglect to look after our Inner Self. Patricia's goal is to assist you to look within and ignite your inner spark.

The bene􀉤fits of this meditation are that we all occasionally need help in
remembering we as women are strong and capable of doing great thing's.

Crystal Flippen

Espresso Fresh Mobile Cafe

Crystal photo.jpg

Our Chef Extraordinaire

Indulging our taste buds, Crystal will be serving a vegetarian/vegan buffet style lunch. 

For refreshments, you will have a choice of barista coffee, herb tea, or select from a range of locally produced juices by

New Leaf Juices.

Not to forget a little sweet treat to top it off.

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