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Purple Blossom

Authentic Movement

How does it work

A powerful and empowering movement session, to  promote self exploration and improved mental health. In a session you will embody your feelings and emotions fully. 


Authentic Movement is believed to be especially beneficial for those who have difficulty processing their issues verbally through traditional forms of therapy such as talk therapy.

It is excellent if you like to use your body to explore what you are feeling.


The goal of this process is to allow you to connect body and mind and let your inner experiences move you.

Being Authentic is not something you arrive at just by thinking about it. It's an actual lived state that exists in your body. It is a state of being and presence.

This practice is a gorgeous way to 'feel' into anything you are struggling to find the answers for. An embodiment of your true essence, downloading insights from your soul.

Who is it for?

How does it work
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