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Support for Children

How I can support your child

The current state of our children's mental health is a big concern for me. Today our Children have so much more to deal with than children growing up in the past. They have so much more to cope with than we did. Our world has changed, and with it comes a hell of a lot of things that kids can become anxious about, stressed over, they may become depressed and may become suicidal.

Kids can have their spirit crushed by their peers, what they see on the internet, and within their own family unit. The rate of depression and anxiety in children today is the highest it has every been.

Watching your child struggle with life is tough. As a parent or caregiver of a struggling child, you must feel exhausted, maybe confused and just don't know how to help them.

When working with children, I use the creative process to help them get in touch with their emotions, I teach them how to feel what is going on in their bodies when they are feeling out of balance; teaching them the tools to self regulate, so that they can cope better with what ever is going on for them.

Sometimes kids just need someone other than mum, dad or their significant other to be able to work their BIG FEELINGS out with them. Your children love you dearly, and may not want to upset you with what is going on for them, or they just may not know how to tell you what is going on for them. 

Allow me to make this fun for them, exciting for them and to teach them how to be the best little person they can be, 

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Are you ready for your child to -

  • Have big self esteem?

  • Be able to express their emotions?

  • Learn ways to manage their stress?

  • Learn ways to manage anxiety?

  • Learn how to Self Regulate?

  • Feel good about who they are ?

  • Be confident in their choices?

  • Stop being the target of bullies?

  • Be more creative?

  • Be courageous?

  • Be uniquely themselves?

I offer a free 30 minute consult with you as your child's caregiver.

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