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Heartfelt Journeys


Your needs are my priority

Supporting your individuality and diversity with passion 

My name is Cathy, I am a Holistic Creative Arts and Sound Healing Therapist, living in the Southwest of WA; supporting others to live their best life is what I'm about. I am delighted that you have discovered my Heartfelt Journeys space. My person centred supports cater for your individual needs and I come with over 25 years experience, you can be assured you will be in good hands. 


I also support those living with a disability. When we work together, it is my hope that I lighten some of your challenges. I love to share my passion for creativity with the people I work with, providing all of the materials we will need.

Other areas I can support you is taking you on a Creative getaway/respite, transport for appointments, self-care, and social & community participation.

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Our Services

NDIS Respite

Sound Healing

 Sound Journeys
Individual Sound Therapy 

Assisting with Anxiety
Stress, Pain management

A total nervous system reset.


Hearfelt Journeys of Creativity
Creative workshops for Self or 
Plan managed 
NDIS participants


Individual Support

Holistic Creative Therapy
Disability Support -
Community Access
Self Care

When life becomes challenging, allow me to support you


Creative Getaways &

I take out your stress by designing your getaway to suit your exact needs. 
I make all the bookings and supply all materials


Yoga at Home


"I enjoyed very much having Cathy support me. She made me feel safe and comfortable straight away. Even during the very first meeting, I felt like we have known each other for many years because of her open and warm personality. Cathy asked great questions, and she was a great listener during our time together. Masa

My Values

Connection, Creativity & Supporting Mental Health

  • Providing a safe, non judgmental space for people to feel fully supported.

  • Offering services that nourish ones Mind, Body, Spirit, & Emotions.

  • Tailored support specifically to meet the needs of each individual.

  • Treating my clients with dignity and respect, regardless of gender, age, disability, cultural background, sexual orientation or beliefs.

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