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Heartfelt Journeys

Supporting your Wellness for Mind, Body & Spirit

Your Wellness is my priority. I love to support women transform their lives from one of total chaos and overwhelm to one that is full of joy, peace and most of all self-love.


Sisters of Spirit Women's Circle

A coming home. Feeling connected, honoured, heard and seen. All of you is welcome


Sound Bath & Cacao Ceremony

Allow the medicine of my drums, my voice and other instruments carry you on a journey of inner peace, while bringing balance to your Chakras


NDIS Creative Getaways

A creative getaway designed just for you. Get your creative juices flowing, take a break and learn some cool new creative skills. 

My name is Cathy, I am an Holistic Therapist based in Northcliffe W.A. I am a passionate healer and am delighted that you have discovered my Heartfelt Journeys Space. My services are designed to take you from a place of feeling stuck, overwhelmed and stressed to one of peace, joy and self-love.

You will gain a deep understanding of who you are, how to follow what your heart desires, and love yourself completely. 


You have found me for a reason, and I know from my own Heartfelt Journey that it is possible to create peace in your life and enjoy the life you live.

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. Lets connect to see if we are the right fit for each other. 

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Yoga at Home


"I enjoyed very much sessions with Cathy. She made me feel safe and comfortable straight away. Even during the very first session, I felt like we have known each other for many years because of her open and warm personality. Cathy asked great questions, and she was a great listener during our sessions". Masa

My Values

Connection, Community & Supporting Mental Health

  • Providing a safe, non judgmental space for people to explore their inner world.

  • Offering services that nourish ones Mind, Body, Spirit, & Emotions.

  • Tailor treatments specifically to meet the needs of each individual.

  • Treating my clients with dignity and respect, regardless of gender, age, cultural background, sexual orientation or beliefs.